“The New York Times Online; a more productive way of reading”

19 Oct

advocacy revised


Advocacy Revision

17 Oct

advocacy draft

Advocacy Draft

11 Oct

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Final (revised) Textual Analysis

10 Oct

final textual analysis


7 Oct

Take a position: is it more productive to read the print or digital versions of the New York Times?

Today’s society is very dependent on technology.  As times change people learn to use and adapt to their surroundings. Technology for the most part has been a very positive aspect of the twenty first century.  Due to technology being so powerful a revelation of new media has came to surface. You can now find everything online from instructions on how to cook your favorite meal, to whole newspaper being online.  Furthermore because the internet is such a great tool that lies at our fingertips we should take advantage of it. The digital version of the New York Times is more productive for various reasons. A very “hot topic” today is that of recycling. If more people the New York Times use the online version of the New York Times aren’t we killing two birds with one stone? Many disagree with this view, but it serves to be a very positive and useful form of multi media. Another strong factor about reading online is most people today are in contact with a computer on a daily basis, this would allow for an easier read. By being a reader of the New York Times online you are connected with the world as society innovates such a powerful idea that has spread to be worldwide.  I believe many people should find this way of new media to be very beneficial. In this advocacy paper I will go further into depth on the benefits of being an online reader of the New York Times.

Textual Analysis Final draft

4 Oct

textual analysis (revised)

Textual Analysis

28 Sep

textual analysis